Fedor  Lavrov

Born in 18 august 1965 to an artist family in Leningrad, USSR. Studied classical music and percussion at music school. Graduate. Self-taught musician and sound producer.

Performing and recording artist since the 1982.
Professional music composer, arranger,

sound producer, founder of Begemotion Records.



Worked with such as:

Dobrolet recording studio (St.Petersburg), SI-records studio and Bari Alibasov studio (Moscow), Gurut studio, SF-Sound studio and Ilosaarirock music festival in Finland, Wolfstudio (Moscow), Baltic Records (St.Petersburg), Gallery of contemporary art Triumph (Moscow), Museum of Non-Conformist art (St.Petersburg), "Russia TV", TV "Saint Petersburg", Radio "St.Petersburg", D-Kvadrat video production studio, The Parliament of St.Petersburg, author of two celebration anthems.

Recorded, arranged and produced various artists and bands from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, France. 



    Started working in 1983
⦁    1982 started a recording studio Begemotion Records
⦁    1983-1984 Theatre of Youth, stage decoration artist
⦁    1984-1994 Maryinsky Opera and Ballet, stage decorator, technician
⦁    1995-2000 Begemot, musician, sound producer
⦁    1999-2003 Theatre decoration factory, artist
⦁    2001 first music composition for TV film
⦁    2003 until these days, music composer for D-Kvadrat video production studio
⦁    2005-2006 Bari Alibasov, SI-records, Moscow, sound producer, music composer
⦁    2009-2010 Great Russia, Victory, celebration anthems, author, music composer
⦁    2006-2011 Feddy, performing and recording artist, sound producer
⦁    2006-2011 worked as a sound producer with various international acts and studios
⦁    2012-2014 Triumph Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, sound artist, sound producer, music composer, executive producer
⦁    2015 company Shtuka, founder, artist manager
⦁    2015 set up Begemotion Records as a label
⦁    2015-2018 Crazy Days of Narodnoie Opolchenie art/music project
⦁    2015-2016 Winnie Fuzz, singer, lyricist
⦁    2015-2018 performing artist, sound producer (Selferadication Dpt, Begemot, Noredux)
⦁    2017 Baltic Records, sound producer
⦁    2018 musical Soyala, music composer, writer

⦁    2019 Floor Is Lava, musician, sound producer

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Some works as a sound producer and arranger


  • "SDS vintage..." is entirely (excluding vocals) my music/lyrics/arrangement/performance/recording/production for an art project by contemporary art gallery Triumph in Moscow.

  • "Classic sampler" features my daughter, UK-based violin player, made this for her projects in London.

  • "Sviridov revisited" is a fully renewed arrangement of classical soviet composer made for TV Channel "Sankt Peterburg".

  • "Crazy days..." is sampler of some of my earliest (1984) music works remastered in 2016-2918.


Samples of works for TV

  • From "classical music" orchestrations to imitation of a sound of 1930's brass bands

  • From "modernist" piano pieces to guitar based rock tracks and tribal drums

Piano, guitar, vocals, drums, percussion

Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason, Ableton, Logic, Adobe Premiere