Некоторое Отсутствие Пуговиц

Ягода Грустника - full length album, digital release, limited CD 


The band name can be translated as 'Some Buttons Missing', album title - 'Sad Berry'.

We ( Ivan, author and I ) have worked on this album for 5-6 years, we both can't remember when exactly we started. He would write songs, record and send multitracks to me. I mixed them. Some were complicated. Some were over easy. Some were recorded on an iPhone in a car interior and Ivan asked me to apply some of my "magic" to it. All together it was a bunch of really touchy songs, a little depressive, but still very nice and sweet.
No wonder when he finally released the album in the early 2019 it went out very well. People sincerely loved Ivan's romantic music and lyrics. I read the comments, there was none negative! And that's a continually increasing number of "likes" on (Russian copy of FB).
If Russia was not the Music Somalia, the Kingdom of Piracy, we would be getting our awards already!
Thousands of listeners, followers. And none of them on the band's page on Bandcamp. 
This record is something I should be proud of. My pleasure of working with you, Ivan, many thanks!



Self-titled album released in late 2018.

This record was fully arranged and produced by me according to demos I was given. We recorded vocals and guitars at SAO Studio (StPetersburg, Russia). All three members of Durrenmatt are theater actors. Initially this project was a play they wrote and performed on the radio. Music written by Vladimir Minakhin was full of the dark wave inner energy, his guitar style is very well polished even though he does not consider himself a musician at all. Konstantin Soya, singer (the son of my old mate Anton Soya with whom we co-wrote couple of songs) wrote fantastically strong broken-hearted lyrics. The object of his dedication is the third member of the band - a tall super sexy blonde named Anna Draznina, who also is a singer of the band. 

This album is a Pandora box of powerful ballads, full of really touching songs squeezed tight into a radio-friendly and easy listening format. I am really glad that I had a chance to work with these profound guys. 

Amazing material.