Begemot was a power-trio formed in 1996, active until 2001, temporary reunion took place in 2006.

The band released five albums.


Begemot's music style could be described as Indie-Progressive-Punk-Rock. The band was quite innovative and very high skilled in its time.

'The Best New Act' by the FUZZ music magazine's nomination in 1997. 


I wrote most of the music and lyrics for Begemot, was a band leader, vocalist and guitarist.

We played numerous gigs from small venues to stadiums in Russia and the Baltics.

In 2001 Begemot was disbanded due to intracorporate disagreements and I went 'solo'.

In 2006 Begemot celebrated 10 years by short reunion and an attempt to make a new

records that was never finished.

My then interests in electronic music did not meet the interests of the rest of the power-trio. 

In 2017 I formed a brand new line-up, expanded with back vocalists and brass section,

called Begemot 0.2 and celebrated the memorial of original material by performing the best songs. 

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