Crazy Days Of Narodnoye Opolchenie 

Crazy Days Of Narodnoye Opolchenie is the art-historical project dedicated to the first active years of Begemotion Records (1982-1986). Started in 1982 as a home-studio based in my 11 square meters bedroom with two monophonic 6mm tape recorders, the studio became the first DIY punk label in Leningrad by the 1983. Tapes, accomplished with black/white photography cover-art were released as 'albums'  and spread all over the USSR by multiple re-copying.

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Along with Narodnoye Opolchenie and Selferadication Dpt. (Otdel Samoiskorenenia), the two bands who had the most of the studio, there were other musicians and bands occasionally taking parts in the recording sessions. Such as Gustav (Kino), Andrey 'Swine' Panov (Avtomaticheskie Udovletvoriteli), Andrey Otraskin (Jungly), Dmitry Buchin (Nate), bands like 'Rubber Rikoshet' and 'Brigadny Podryad' (literally formed at Begemotion Records). 

In the 1984 the studio and bands were investigated for its underground and therefore 'illegal' activity by the KGB, prosecuted, and Selferadication Dpt. was banned for ideological reasons. 


Crazy Days Of Narodnoye Opolchenie is dedicated to that pre-democratic era of punk rock in Leningrad.

The project describes the counter-culture, distinguishing language of the generation expressed in fashion, art, music, anti-social attitude, and anti-soviet message.


CDNO, as a sincere attempt to keep the real history not wiped away, was welcomely met by the contemporary youth in Russia. Due to the current political situation most of the creativity channels for the young generations became blocked recently. This is when they found themselves in similar position and circumstances as the early Leningrad punks. DIY activity and mostly that instinctive will to freedom of creation that helped them to survive and stay humane in the USSR corresponds exactly and is consistent to present-day demand.   

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Crazy Days Of Narodnoye Opolchenie is being published in texts, digital and actual music releases, lectures and gigs. 

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