I had a bunch of Indie-Rock songs that I wrote for Begemot, but we did not agree on doing them. So I locked away in my new home studio and started recording tracks alone. The result was impressing for me. 


Having no better idea, I called the solo-project FEDDY. 


'Daddy's Old Drum'

It was the first real lo-fi record that I made intentionally. I collected all possibly old gear that i could have found. An old 16-channels mixing desk Elektronika, made in the USSR in the 1980's.

An old hand made guitar amplifier with a bass cabinet. I took my first drum kit RMIF (1981 USSR), the one that I was presented in my teens. I had old guitars and an old upright piano. And in addition to all that I bought a Vermona electric organ, made in DDR in 1970's. Dual manual 'orgel' could produce those easily recognizable sounds of the soviet era vocal/instrumental groups. I used the only 6-channels ADAT recorder for recording and mixing. In addition to that I used real drum loops made from a 6-mm tape played back on the original Begemotion Records' tape recorder. I had a real mechanical metronome pre-recorded to use it as a click while recording drums. The album received great reviews and was published as a digital release.



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'Futuristic Figure'

The next album came out in 2006. It was a long-awaited child.


The album was recorded and produced on ProTools with Propellerhead Reason DAW. The innovative style of the music was rather Electro-Rock, but I found the better word for description of the cutting edge

mixture of electronic beats and synths with smash guitar riffs and distorted bass guitar - Rock'n'Rave.


Futuristic Figure's sound is still up-to-date. 

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Following the very good reception of the record, FEDDY became a live four-piece band.

Until the 2011 FEDDY was actively performing and touring. However in 2012, with a release of re-mixed album 'Figuristic Future' (which was the same album 'Futuristic Figure' produced in even more

avant-electro and retro-futuristic style) FEDDY's live line-up was disbanded. 

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FEDDY latest releases were published as singles. 

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