REEL2REEL is a playlist of videos of the Begemotion Studio channel on Youtube. The playlist is dedicated to the early records made on the studio in the 1980's. I tell stories that happened behind the studio sessions, I play back old master and studio tapes. I speak about gear, equipment, old stuff and people who were involved into music making in my room. Drawing lines that not divide but tie together different periods in history is an interesting project as well as teaching us how to deal with similar situations in the nowadays life. 

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This above is a story of a snare drum made by me for the early records

made in the 1980's. This snare is known for being used by Georgy 'Gustav' Guryanov who took it for his practices and studio sessions with a famous Soviet Post-Punk band Kino.

One of the original releases of two albums by Narodnoye Opolchenie and Selferadication Dpt. made in 1984 by reel to reel copying. 

The story of creation, recording and production of the very first record by Brigadny Podriad, a well known Russian pop-punk band. The album was made in 1986 and it was the last record ever done at the underground period of the Begemotion Studio activity. English subtitles added.