NOREDUX is a group of friendly musicians who initially decided to support the CDNO project by re-producing songs of Narodnoye Opolchenie. Instantly the band was formed and NOREDUX became a performing act.

I make music arrangements, sound production, play keyboards and guitar live and sing backing vocals. 

The band's style is Retro-Futuristic Synth-Punk. However some of the tracks sound as contemporary Indie-Dance music. NOREDUX appeared as an electronic project with a slight usage of a melancholic guitar, but soon two keyboard players and a drummer made the orchestration more and more powerful. NOREDUX may appear in various line-ups in the shows that mostly represent CDNO project and keeps making and producing songs by Narodnoye Opolchenie. 

What we want the audience to feel during our performances is to celebrate the joyful music which is almost forgotten. Made in the early 1980's these songs simply could not have been well performed or recorded. Our purpose is to show what was actually there behind the noise of damaged and poorly kept old tapes once recorded at the Begemotion Records. 


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