Music written and produced for 'SDS' art exhibition by the contemporary art gallery 'Triumph'.

'SDS' was a mockumentary art project dedicated to the 1980's punk era in the USSR. 

All of these songs written, co-written, produced or co-produced and performed by me,

sung by Volt Hegelglass and Anika Turchan. Some tracks are covers by Troggs, Joan Jett, Iggy Pop. Vintage MC sound production and mastering.

This project contains photography, music, video, painting and graphic designs.

It's the story of protest and subculture in the late years of the soviet empire, at the age of Perestroyka. This project is called 'Синдром Длительного Сдавливания' or SDS (medical term, syndrome of long-term compression, a very symbolic name to the project). SDS is a name of a "band", a summed image of the whole generation of informal artists and musicians living back in the 80's.
The SDS project is credited by Andrey Sharov and Tanatos Banionis, where the first is a well-known fashion designer in Russia and the 2d is a group of creators (including me) based on the Triumph gallery. 


Most of these songs had been written, thought of and left unfinished back in the 80's.

I used old lyrics or wrote the new ones based on the old tunes. As a sound producer I recorded live performances of the band and as a stage designer I did decorations for their live appearances.

I also co-wrote the story behind the scene, I wrote characters, their speeches, ideas, interviews that they would give. My wife Anika created a collection of graphic artworks for the band's "releases".

We made these dolls for an animation. Anika also designed and painted leather jackets for the band.

SDS on behance


(SDS) - the making of


(SDS) -  animation