Selferadication Dpt.

Otdel Samoiskorenenia

Selferadication Dpt. (Otdel Samoiskorenenia) is a Russian anarcho-punk band formed in 1982.

The group was investigated by the KGB and then banned from existence in 1984 for ideological reasons.

The band is considered a living legend in Russia and remains active until today. 

ANTIALL (full dossier 1982-1984), digital release of the entire back-catalogue of the band's early records is available for free downloads.

All tracks digitally remastered by Fedor Lavrov at Begemotion Records. 

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2014 saw the Selferadication Dpt. reunion for the first live performance ever.

During the next two years four albums were released, the band made its first tour abroad.

30 years anniversary, first live appearance, 25 July 2014. 

   Interview and short music set on TV Nostalgie, 2014.

Last gig, Russophobia Tour, 23/12/2016.

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