Narrated by Fedor Lavrov and Artur Oschepkov

costume design - Pizhma / Anika Turchan

Soyala, daughter of old Youl (winter) and Primavera (spring), a gorgeous blonde skier, snowmaiden, comes to take part in a mixed wintersport competition high in the mountains, where two young men (hot snowboarder Xavier and cold skier Gweilo) fall in love with her and immediately start competing for her attention. Xavier is more successful, Gweilo is jealous; other young guys among whom the second pair (Aliya, jewish girl and Rafat, black guy) tell their own story of love, everyone watch how in a fatal duel of the snowboarder and the skier Qweilo starts an avalanche that causes Xavier 's death. Soyala finally realises what love is, she melts down with tears; Aliya and Rafat declare their love; native mountaineers Ukuts finally see their Totem flare up with the red light; the spring has come. 

Soyala is an alien, a savage, she's a child of the nature, she comes to people the first ever time in her life. Her personal goal is to win the ski competition, as she is a natural born skier, self-confident and strong. The only thing that she not only never knew but is actually restricted to learn is love. She comes to cross her her limits and we immediately feel her will. 

Xavier and Soyala are the audience favorites, as you say, star-crossed lovers. They are counterparts in the way they appear, act, it's in their attitude, as well as in their skills (she is a skier, he is a snowboarder, classic aristocracy and hiphop, she does not know what love is, he is hot). Gweilo is a skier, gentle and subtle, an anime demon. Even though they're friends with Xavier, they're fighting for the girl and the most of the audience immediately sympathizes to Xavier's openness and simplicity. (At some point I thought of making Gweilo's character jealous of Xavier to Soyala, not the opposite. A little less classical). But some part of the audience will definitely choose him instead of Xavier. 

As the B Story I think of another duo - Aliya and Rafat - as the comedian pair of lovers in addition to the classical romantic trio. These two are also opposites, counterparts, a jewish girl and a muslim boy, white and black. They are always having funny arguments about everything but they are the actual happy end to the story after the apocalypse of Xavier and Soyala. 

I would like to keep some kind of rules of the comedia del arte here. 

As well as literally and musically I would want to follow three main directions/spectrums/segments of the entire piece. 

1 - romantic love stories of Soyala/Xavier, Aliya/Rafat.
2 - dynamic and cutting edge expression of the youth/sports/activity.

3 - slowly changing circles of the mystical nature, magical characters of Soyala's parents, the tribal rituals around the totem calling for the spring.